About FractoAid

Our flagship product ‘FractoAid’ is a simple yet impactful product to support the injured limb in just 5 minutes. It is a patented, ready-to-use orthopedic splint that provides early and instant immobilization to the fractured limb and prevents major complications by immobilizing the fractured limb in the golden hour.

FractoAid stabilizes and restricts the movement of the injured limb and provides rest to the injured area. It allows the injured area to heal properly. It prevents further displacement of the bone fragments due to accidental movement of fractured limb. It prevents further limb-threatening injuries, thus reducing the risk of permanent disabilities.

FractoAid is an integrated pack of hybrid composite materials enclosed in a unique liner with built-in hook-loop fastener straps for better securement. The outer layer which is in contact with skin is biocompatible, breathable and provides cushioning to the patient. The straps provided ensures encapsulation of fractured limb and later can be removed without the requirement of any external aid.

FractoAid conforms to the specific area of the patient’s extremity giving adequate support and provides therapeutic positioning. It is fast, simple and provides proper securement to the fractured limb.

3 Simple Step Application



Dip the splint in water.



Squeeze out the excess water.



Wrap the splint around fractured limb.

The 3 Simple Step Application process DIP-SQUEEZE-WRAP makes FractoAid user-friendly

  • Dip the splint completely in minimum 1.5 litre of clean tap water for 1 minute, gently press the splint 3-4 times while submerged till water becomes milky & till the bubbles cease.
  • Squeeze the splint firmly from all edges and remove excess water. Stretch the splint from short edges to remove wrinkles.
  • Wrap the splint around the fractured limb and fasten with straps. Keep your limb still and in place for 3 minutes till it sets to speed hardening.

In 5 minutes the splint gets harden and supports the limb.The functional strength is achieved in 10 minutes.



The hybrid composition gives a high strength to weight ratio and provides stiffness with a quick setting time of 3 minutes.


The 3 step application process makes it easy to apply the product. Application can be done without the use of gloves.


Application of FractoAid requires only water thus making the process less messy, unlike hand-made slabs.


An integrated pack of hybrid composite materials with built-in hook-loop fastener straps for better securement.


FractoAid conforms to the specific area of patients’ extremity.


FractoAid is categorized on basis of age group and limb type mentioned below -

Age group is categorized as :-

  • Small (6 to 10 years)
  • Medium (11 to 21 years)
  • Large (21+ years)

Limb extremity is categorized as :-

  • Upper Limb
  • Lower Limb