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MediAsha Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a "Startup India" recognized and "ISO 13485:2016" certified Healthcare start-up focusing on development of novel medical devices with high impact on society yet at an affordable price.

The Company was incorporated with a vision of delivering easy solution for a healthy life by solving the unmet needs in healthcare sector. Team MediAsha emphasize continual improvement to meet the patient comfort. We at MediAsha strive to develop innovative medical devices which adhere to the regulatory specifications & satisfy customer and market requirements.

"Asha" is a Sanskrit word meaning hope, this highlights our dream to create hopes for better lives through our innovation.

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FractoAid is an orthopedic splint which provides early and instant immobilization to the fractured limb.

  • Stabilizes and restricts the motion of injured limb
  • Reduces muscle pain and muscle spasm
  • Accommodates the muscle swelling
  • Prevents the chances of closed fracture becoming open

FractoAid is an integrated package of composite material enclosed in a unique liner with in-built straps of hook-loop fastener for better securement of fractured limb. The hybrid composition gives high strength to weight ratio and provides stiffness with quick setting time of 3 minutes. The functional strength is achieved within 5 minutes of time. The unique liner allows easy access of water into the splint. The layer in contact with skin is biocompatible, breathable and provides cushioning to the patient. The device provides therapeutic positioning thus conforms to the specific area of patients’ extremity. The 3 step application process makes the device user-friendly.

FractoAid Features

Quick Setting Time

Hybrid composition gives a quick setting time of less than 3 minutes. Functional Strength is achieved in 5 minutes.

Ease of Application

Defined steps for application


Hybrid composition allows good moldability to the contours of body


Integrated package along with straps

Lightweight, yet Strong

30% more stiff & 10% Lighter than conventional plaster splint

3 Step Application

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200 Million+

Fractures per year


Person gets injured in road accident per minute


Orthopaedic surgeons per 10 Million Indian Population

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