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MediAsha Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a Healthcare start-up focussing on solving the unmet needs and bringing forth novel medical devices. Development of innovative medical devices with high impact on society at affordable cost is aspiration of MediAsha.

MediAsha received many awards including Biotechnology Ignition Grant and third prize at Seaside Startup Summit GOA 2018.

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MediAsha Splint: Early immobalization of fractured limb

Worldwide around 200 Million people suffer from fractures. In India, every single minute one person gets injured in a road accident. The fracture if left unattended can cause injury to accompanying blood vessels and nerves that traverse the limb, also bleeding results in swelling at the fractured site due to accumulation of blood which can further lead to spasms and pain, potential complication due to continued bleeding. If the fracture site is not splinted more soft tissues could be damaged which could significantly prolong healing.

MediAsha has developed a First-aid orthopaedic splint, 'MediAsha Splint' which provides instant immobilization to fractured limb until reach to the hospital. The splint helps in providing rest to the injured area, preventing further displacement of bone fragments and thus protecting underlying vessels and nerves from the fracture fragments which can be injured due to movements of fracture fragments in an unsplinted limb. Restriction to the movement of limb will allow the tissue to heal properly. MediAsha Splint is essentially a half cast thus accommodates tissue swelling without becoming too tight.

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